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An estimated two thirds of the CofE's 16,000 churches (around 10,000) have churchyards which collectively cover the area of a small National Park. They represent a precious resource which can make a huge contribution to the biodiversity of the country and at the same time engage and educate the wider community. As wildlife havens they are home to a wide variety of species, some of which such as dormice are becoming increasingly rare. Therefore good management is essential.

Download the guidance note on wildlife in churchyards or for more specific advice see the resources available on the exteral website Caring for God's Acre.

  • Birds in the Churchyard
  • Bees, Wasps & Ants in Churchyards
  • Churchyards and Bats
  • Churchyards and Mammals
  • Management of Churchyards for Reptiles and Amphibians

Sometimes wildlife can cause damage in churchyards and church buildings. When addressing problems with badgers or bats Natural England may need to be consulted. For more guidance see below: