Renewable Technology
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Renewable Technology

Generate your own renewable energy

Using sources of renewable energy should be viewed as a long-term method to tackle climate change and will play an increasingly important part in reducing carbon emissions by 2050.

Renewable energy is derived from inexhaustible sources such as wind, sun, sea, or replaceable sources such as waste products and crops.

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  1. Solar photovoltaicSolar Thermal
  2. 'Free' solar panel deals
  3. Biomass boilers
  4. Ground Source Heat Pumps & Air and Water Source Heat Pumps
  5. Wind Turbines

Don't Forget:

Before you think about installing any renewable technology in your church or at home make sure you have done all the simple energy saving measures.

If you want help thinking about which technology is suitable for your building contact your Diocesan Advisory Committe Secretary (DAC) and your church architect. There are also online tools that can help you, for example On Gen  - but be aware that these are usually not designed with churches in mind. 


More Information:

General guidance on greening your church building has been produced by Oxford Diocese. 

There is also help at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) , Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Energy Saving Trust

For some renewable technology such as solar panels and biomass boilers there are Government incentives available.

Take a look at our map of renewable energy systems across the Church of England.