General Guidance
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General Guidance

If you are starting from scratch have a go at these 7 steps:

Step 1: Nominate someone to take responsibility for energy and CO2

Step 2: Start taking and recording meter readings

Step 3: Undertake an energy walk-round

Step 4: Create a checklist to identify:

  • A list of actions that will reduce emissions - during housekeeping or as part of an awareness campaign.
  • A low carbon replacement list - when will equipment be replaced and would an energy efficient option cost extra?

Step 5: Conduct awareness campaigns and ask others to help manage the way energy is used

Step 6: Report on the progress made via:

  • Newsletters
  • To congregations
  • Notice boards

Step 7: Create an energy policy and integrate lower energy use and the quest to reduce emissions into the day to day running of the church