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Trees are a traditional feature of churchyards

The care and maintenance of a churchyard, and therefore the upkeep of the trees within it, is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council.

Under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 certain works to trees can be done without a faculty, but some will need written permission from the Archdeacon to say that a faculty is not needed. Details of these works can be found here. All other works require a faculty.

An action pack on churchyard tree care and management is available to download from Caring for God's Acre

Ancient Yews

Nowhere else in Europe can boast so many venerable yews in its churchyards, with many dating back to the birth of Christ and beyond.

If you have an ancient, veteran or significant yew in your churchyard there is specific guidance available on the Ancient Yew Group website.

For our tree guidance please see the links below

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