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Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth.

It is essential for sustaining the natural living systems or ecosystems that provide us with food, fuel, health, wealth, and other vital services. Christians believe it is imperative to care for our God-given creation.

Did you know?

At least 110 species are known to have been lost from the United Kingdom in the last 100 years.

How your Churchyard can help

An estimated two thirds of the CofE's 16,000 churches have churchyards which collectively cover the area of a small National Park.

Around 6,000 of these are already contributing to the biodiversity of the country - both in rural and urban areas - while remaining respectful to those buried there.

Churchyards are a precious resource which can make a huge contribution to the biodiversity of the country and at the same time engage and educate the wider community. 


For help on looking after and improving the biodiversity of your churchyard click here to visit the Caring for God's Acre site.

For advice on encouraging pollinators take a look at this guidance note.