Managing Your Churchyard
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Managing Your Churchyard

Caring for Biodiversity

Churchyards make an important contribution to the biodiversity of the country and are important places for wild flowers and wildlife

The management of the churchyard by the PCC or the local authority should be planned with this in mind. Advice on this should be sought from the DAC, as well as on any matter that will need a faculty.

Caring for God's Acre have a host of resources and a direct line for advice about looking after and enhancing your churchyard.

Information on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) can be found at Natural England 

For information on lichen in churchyards please see the British Lichen Society.

Telling stories and sharing knowledge. 

There is huge potential for working with your wider community and with local schools to learn about the natural world through your churchyard.  Memorials can also help in exploring social history.

If you have any unused land there may also be possibilities for landshare or community food cultivation.

Veteran trees

Part of managing your churchyard is ensuring that trees are cared for and well maintained.

Some veteran trees may be older than the existing church and will need special care and protection.


The safety of memorials has been a particular concern years. Advice on this can be found here.