Getting Started
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Getting Started

Starting out can be the most daunting part of any project. By the clicking the links, these steps will help you get underway with reducing your Church's Carbon Footprint and guide you through the Shrinking the Footprint Website.

1. Get informed on Climate Change facts and why action is important to us as christians.  Communicate the information to your congregation and/or community at a service, in a notice sheet or hold an Environment themed event. Click here for worship resources and here for some inspiration from our short films. Look at other church projects. Here is another publication with ideas and inspiration.

2. Gather together an Environmental Working Group to take lead on environmental issues. Include those interested and those with Church Building responsibilities.

3. Start reducing your Carbon Footprint. It is important to first monitor your energy use to understand your starting point, try using our short walk round audit. Read your meters regularly, and understand how you use energy. Considering buying an electricity monitoring device – inexpensive, easy to use, and could help you save significantly on your energy bills.

4. Then create your Church's energy policy.
There are some tips on developing a policy on EcoChurch SouthWest's site and A Rocha's Eco Church survey is also a useful tool and gives you the chance to monitor your progress towards an award.

5. Progress through:

6. Implement renewable energy systems and keep up sustainable choices, churchyard management and efficient energy use, and become a church with a lower carbon footprint.

7. Remember along the way to keep the community involved through communication and events, review successes and failures, and celebrate achievements.

So get informed, gather a group, create a policy, progress through changes, implement new systems, and review/celebrate!