Energy saving light bulbs
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Energy saving light bulbs

Low energy light bulbs

One important early step on the road to energy efficiency for any property is to get rid of old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Lighting consumes 10-15% of domestic energy. Low energy light bulbs cost more money than old-fashioned bulbs (around £3 - 7.50), but they consume less electricity because less is wasted as heat. They also have a much longer life time (up to 15,000 hours) which can be a considerable benefit where inaccessible light fixtures in churches are concerned. Over their lifetime, they could save around £100 in energy and replacement costs of old-fashioned bulbs. Where once the range of bulbs was small, there are now bulbs to suit the standard fittings (bayonet and screw), in various sizes and shapes.

To choose a bulb, take the wattage of the current old-fashioned bulb and divide by 5 (if you find the result a little dim move one step up). Low energy bulbs are now generally available in supermarkets, shops and DIY centres, especially helpful if you wish to experiment with one or two bulbs. However there are increasing numbers of specialist retailers with websites offering the widest ranges at competitive prices. More information about low energy lighting may be found on the Energy Saving Trust site.


There is also a network of local Energy Efficiency Advice Centres. These have helped over 1.5 million householders save in their home and can provide one-to-one expert impartial advice about saving energy.