Energy Efficiency
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Supporting over 16,000 cathedral and church buildings of The Church of England

Energy Efficiency

Cutting the energy we use and using the remainder better is the easiest and cheapest way to save energy and to reduce carbon emissions.

The Church uses energy in its cathedrals, churches, schools, offices and in clergy and parishioner homes. The Shrinking the Footprint Energy Audit has helped us work just out how much.

Some buildings have special challenges. Most cathedrals and churches are historic and cannot be insulated or heated easily.

But there are low cost measures that will reduce energy use without causing damage:

  • Install a timed thermostat so you can programme when the heating comes on
  • Reduce draughts by putting a curtain over the main door
  • Replace your existing bulbs for energy saving ones

For more ideas try the walk around audit. Further information can be found in the Energy Saving Trust's 10 point checklist or from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Making a difference

In the U.K, heating, lighting and powering our homes produces 27% of the country's carbon dioxide emissions.

The average household could save around 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by becoming more energy efficient, with associated cost savings of up to £300 a year.