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Latest StF News

Energy partnership at Lambeth

Lambeth Palace has featured as a case study in a recent article about the National Trust network Fit for the Future. Experts from Historic England and National Trust toured the site and shared their knowledge on improving energy efficiency and comfort. Energy consultant Paul Hamley is now monitoring the energy use at Lambeth with the aim of making changes to enhance building performance. Many of the lessons learnt can be easily transferred to churches - ensuring windows draughts are limited, removing build up of paint on old radiators and servicing them and making sure thermostats are not located next to windows. Each small change can cumulatively make a big difference to energy bills and how welcoming and comfortable the building feels. Read the article here.

 World Day of Prayer for Creation

A joint message from Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew was released on World Day of Prayer for Creation - 1st September 2017. This also marks the first day of Creationtide which runs until 4th October. More resources can be found at here.

The full text of the message can be read below.

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Revisiting renewables

With the cost of solar having dropped significantly over the last few years and with improved battery technology meaning that energy generated doesn’t need to be used immediately, there are still real possibilities for solar installations on churches despite recent Government changes to supporting policy.  Developments in other technologies such as LED lighting mean that new options are emerging all the time for saving energy as well.  Forum for the Future has secured funding to create a partnering scheme linking communities keen to generate renewable energy and improve energy efficiency with local property owners with roofs or land to host solar panels or other renewable energy technologies. If you are exploring solar or other renewables or energy saving possibilities for your church and are interested in exploring the partnering possibilities let me know – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Summer update

Our latest e-news is now available to download - click here for a PDF and here for a word version.

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