Church gets heating bills paid for 20 years!
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Church gets heating bills paid for 20 years!

Church gets heating bills paid for 20 years!

Parishioners at a church in the North East of England can expect to be warm for the next twenty years without paying a penny.

St. Alban’s Church in the village of Earsdon near Whitley Bay has secured a government subsidy which rewards organisations that invest in green technologies. Last year St. Alban’s installed a state- of- the- art biomass boiler which runs on wood pellets and heats the church and adjacent community hall. The church spent more than £150,000 on the new system which replaced an old gas boiler.

The Vicar, the Reverend Andrew France, said, “We are delighted to receive the money from Ofgem as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive. The money is a reward for our willingness to embrace an unfamiliar technology and reduce our carbon emissions.” 

stalbans earsdonBiomass is considered to be a carbon neutral fuel   because although carbon dioxide is emitted during burning, the gas is absorbed by trees as they grow. St. Alban’s is the first church in the Newcastle Diocese to install a biomass heating system and is now helping other community organisations to explore the possibility of going down the renewables route.






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