Grants and Funding
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Grants and Funding

A lot can be achieved through recycling and volunteer help, but often money is needed to make a project happen. Fund-raising, like charity, begins at home, but often more money is required. There are a large numbers of trusts and foundations who may provide help. 

However, it is vital to research individual trusts before making an application. Sending to an inappropriate trust is simply a waste of time.  Many have websites and so it is easy to check whether your needs really fit their criteria.  It will mean you are less likely to get a disappointing response and if you do reassess your project/proposal and keep trying.

Whether you are planning a wildlife garden, a wood pellet burner, solar panels or some conservation work, there is likely to be a grant that you can apply for.

Check this list to see organisations offering grants by category.

This is a summary of organisations providing grants:

Grants list - summary

For a more comprehensive list, including an overview of the types of grant:

Grants List

If your project involves church building conservation and extended use have a look here.