Engaging Your Community
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Engaging Your Community

Communication is much wider than you might think - if you appear to be welcoming, active, tolerant and having fun you will attract people by offering them positive reasons for being involved.

Traditional forms of written communication are important.

A good leaflet, poster, or display is an important way of explaining your work. The process of preparing public materials like these can be useful in helping you to decide your main messages.

Don't ignore the new technologies.

Email is a valuable outreach tool, especially for publicising events, have an emailing list for your congregation and others who may be interested in events. 

It is important to have some internet presence, even if it is just a webpage with your leaflet text and contact details and/or Facebook and Twitter accounts for your church. These are quick and simple to set up. They are very useful at getting messages out to the community and all those interested.

Face to face contact and word of mouth are still key.

Conversations with friends, neighbours and work colleagues are far more important than is usually realised. 

Encourage people to display their membership and take ownership of your messages e.g produce posters people can put in their window, badges, t-shirts, and stickers, or emails they can post on to their own networks.

Be creative

As with any form of commercial marketing, always try to think of new and eye-catching ways of reaching people e.g banners, games, competitions, and songs.

Link in with other themes

Some people find the subject of climate change too vast to tackle, linking in with other more familiar areas can be a great way of engaging your community. For example the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals have some useful resources including sermon notes and fact sheets to get everyone involved in care for creation.

Short Films are a great way to gain people's interest and attention. Click the link to see the films that have been created to encourage clergy and congregations. Consider playing one of these films at the start of a service, meeting or event about environmental responsibility.