Climate Justice Fund
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Climate Justice Fund


Launched in September 2009 the Climate Justice Fund is a Church of England initiative, managed by Tearfund. It is designed to enable churches and individuals to support Anglican partners overseas respond effectively to the challenges of climate change.


How your money is used

Working initially through three Anglican churches, your money will be managed by Tearfund to directly respond to the effects of climate change. Your money will also enable them to have a voice in the decision-making processes that shape their lives.

A message from the Rt Revd James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool and a vice-president of Tearfund

"Climate Change affects all of us, but it is the worlds' poor, who contribute least to the problem and who have the least capacity to adapt to a changing climate. The world's poor are already suffering the most from its devastating impact. That is why at its heart Climate Change is a matter of justice.

"Shrinking the Footprint challenged us to be aware of how our carbon consumption impacts on the lives of others and how we can respond by reducing that impact. The Climate Justice Fund is the logical next step for Christians for whom justice and Climate Change are issues of prayerful and practical concern.

"It is not enough merely to cut our own carbon footprint; as Christians we have a responsibility to care for the poor by providing sustainable development that aids adaptation to a changing climate. The Climate Justice Fund enables you to join with others to help those who are hardest hit by climate change and most vulnerable to its affects so that their communities and livelihoods can adapt to the changing demands of a changing climate."