Database of bells and bell frames of historic significance
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Database of bells and bell frames of historic significance

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The database includes all bells and bell frames that the Council considers to be of historic importance Click this link for an introduction to the database.

The criteria for including bells on the database can be downloaded here:

Criteria for listing bells and bell frames

The fact that a bell or frame is not included does not mean that it is not of interest. If you consider that a bell or bell frame should be considered for inclusion on the list, or find any discrepancies please email us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Suggestions for listing are considered at the annual meeting of the Council's Bells Committee.

For information about all bells, not only listed ones, visit the proto National bell register and Dove's guide.

Use the search box below to search the database by Parish, Diocese, Founder or Maker.

Most entry fields in the database are self-explanatory. However, some may require further explanation:

  • Visit: Provides the initials of the recorder and, in some instances, the date of the visit

  • OFJ: 'Outside Faculty Jurisdiction' - if the record relates to a parish church that falls under Faculty Jurisdiction, this will be indicated by '0'; if the record relates to a church that is not a parish church or is no longer in use for worship, and therefore is under the secular planning system, this will be indicated by '1'

  • Pickford: If the entry relates to a bellframe, information on the frame type will be provided, using the system laid out in Christopher Pickford's Bell frames, a practical guide to inspection and recording