CFCE Cathedral Inventories Conference 2018
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CFCE Cathedral Inventories Conference 2018

Friday 22 June 2018, 10:30am – 4:30pm (St Paul’s Cathedral)


Our cathedrals are treasure troves of often irreplaceable religious and culturally significant objects. The proper care of these items must be based upon adequate understanding. For objects this begins with compiling and maintaining the inventory as required by the Care of Cathedral Measure 2011. In a landscape of competing priorities and limited resources, the value of these objects and the statutory requirement of the Measure justifies the inventory as a priority task. Compiling the inventory can also bring further benefits including additional funding streams and engagement opportunities.

This one-day conference will help cathedrals with the compilation and management of their inventories. Participants will learn more about:

  • Why inventories are important, how they can help a cathedral prioritise resources, identify tools for engagement, clarify ownership responsibilities and liabilities
  • The processes of compiling and maintaining an inventory - where to start, what to include, when to stop, different ways of recording and storing information
  • Assessing significance to determine what items an inventory should (and could) include
  • Proposed changes to the Rules, Directions, and new guidance as CFCE reviews the processes for compiling and maintaining the Cathedral Inventory.
  • The day will involve presentations, case studies from cathedrals, and round table discussions, to enable participants to network, and feed into CFCE’s review. A full programme will be available shortly.

Who should attend?

The conference is for all those involved in compiling and maintaining a cathedral inventory, including Chapter, cathedral staff, architects, archaeologists, FAC members.

The conference is kindly sponsored by York Minster.

A copy of the conference programme can be found here