Top 10 Tips to encourage visitors
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Top 10 Tips to encourage visitors

  1. Unlock the door! (It’s good for security too)
  2. Put up signs outside the church (e.g. an A board saying ‘Welcome’) and on major routes into the area directing visitors to the church and showing that its open
  3. Place a welcome desk near the door with a church guide, a visitor book, information about the church community, and (if necessary) a note about donations
  4. Write a church guide (and make sure its easy to read and available online)
  5. Provide children with something to do – a quiz sheet, dress up clothes, colouring books and toys
  6. Work with tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants, nature trails and other churches near you to find places to advertise your church
  7. Have a website with information about opening times, access, location and the building’s history. Make sure you’re easy to find on GoogleMaps
  8. Arrange for volunteer tour guides to be available in church on the weekend – visitors love being shown round. But remember – great volunteers have great training
  9. Think about what you can do to improve access for disabled visitors and parents with prams
  10. Hold events in your church – concerts, art workshops, exhibitions, talks and maybe even a Festival of Churches