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There are over 120 cases of broadband and mobile services being delivered from parish churches across the country.

There are a number of potential benefits for a church in hosting telecoms equipment -  as well as providing coverage for the local area the church itself can become a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling mission activities and wider use.

Occasionally a rental income is possible for a church within an area of low coverage or a 'not-spot'. A wide variety of companies and social enterprises are involved in installing the infrastructure, often at regional level, and will sometimes contact churches direct. We have established a contract with NET and strongly advise parishes to refer any approaches to NET and to their DAC Secretary.

The Cathedral and Church Buildings Division of the Church of England has been working with Government departments and operators to identify areas without coverage where churches could play a role in helping to fill network gaps .

Guidance on the process of installing telecommunications infrastructure is available here.  

Historic England has produced guidance on the installation of telecoms equipment in places of worship which is available here.

To learn more about regional examples of companies working with churches take a look at the Diocese of Norwich's WiSpire programme or County Broadband who work with the Diocese of Chelmsford.