Learning and Education
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Supporting over 16,000 cathedral and church buildings of The Church of England

Learning and Education

Churches, with their vast range of styles and huge number of buildings, represent the biggest learning resource through which we can access and explore the past. There are few villages, towns or cities without a place of worship.

The Church of England alone is responsible for over 16,000 of them. Taking other denominations into account swells the figure to around 47,000 cathedrals, churches, chapels and meeting houses across the UK.

They are a recurring feature in both rural and urban settings and represent a treasure trove of stories, memories and information. Over 12,500 churches are listed, a fact which confirms their historical importance, and 45 per cent of Grade I listed buildings are cathedrals and churches.

They have overseen centuries of history, recording events and people of significance throughout these times. They tell our national story.

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