Three Types of Trust
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Three Types of Trust

Whilst Friends groups should be open to all, we believe there are three distinct types of group or trust:

Passive Supporters - They support the PCC to fundraise, develop and care for the church

This group is keen to support the building and appreciates the role that the local church plays in the community. They may not have the time to commit to regular activities like repairs or cleaning, but they are able to financially support the church through a covenant or regular donations.

They are likely to attend church events such as fetes and coffee mornings and promote and support the building to others.

Active Friends - They manage the building and take an active role in planning, caring for and promoting the church

These people have spare time twinned with energy and enthusiasm for the building. They may take an active role in cleaning and/or repairs of the church, and possibly have a skill or background which is of use to the building, like an architect or conservation expert.

They attend the building regularly (not necessarily for worship) and probably help to organise events and activities. They help the PCC with faculty applications and raising funds through grant aid.

A Dedicated Trust - This group has responsibility for all of the building fabric and the overall management of the building

This group are dedicated to the church and hold the building ‘in trust’, often in lieu of a PCC. They invest both time and money. They curate and care for the building and have taken on the management of the church via a formal, contractual basis.

They comprise of members of the worshipping congregation and non-worshippers alike. They run events and activities and work with local stakeholders to promote the church as a local venue and raise funds to develop and care for it.

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