Community Outreach Contacts
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Community Outreach Contacts

Click here for our advice note on using churches for wider social outreach, with contact details and suggested further reading.

Christians Against Poverty

Work to release people in our nation from debt, poverty and their causes, through four services (money course, debt help, job clubs, release groups) run through local churches.

Church and Community Fund (CCF)

Make grants to the national church and local projects to assist the Church of England to develop its capacity to engage with the whole community through supporting innovative use of resources; helping transform areas of greatest need and opportunity and grow spiritually and numerically.

Church Urban Fund (CUF)

Work at a national and local level, bringing churches and Christians together to tackle poverty. Help the poorest and most marginalised people in England to transform their lives. Run the Together Network to enhance the work of local churches by providing support. They have also awarded more than £70 million funding (they have some grant programmes) where it is needed most and where it will make the biggest difference. See website for focused reports.

Cinnamon Network

Since it was founded in 2010, the Network has partnered with projects like Christians Against Poverty, Trussell Trust Foodbanks and Street Pastors and with church leaders to help identify what social needs are priorities in their area, what assets and resources they have, and then how they can best address the need. It now has three main work streams:
- It champions 25 recognised church-based community projects, providing practical support to help initiatives expand and grow in impact;
- It offers micro-grants of £2,000 to support any local church that wants to start one of their recognised best practice projects;
- It runs volunteer training days to raise confidence in volunteers and to provide training support and recruitment ideas.

Jubilee Plus

Their aim is to equip churches of all denominations to engage more effectively with their communities and to help them increase their capacity to serve the poor. They are involved in a wide range of projects and initiatives and training and in particular promote community franchises. These are initiatives that equip a church or churches in an area to enable different social issues to be addressed and avoids reinventing the wheel and reduces risk as the idea is proven. The franchises are as follows: Addiction; Crisis Intervention e.g. foodbanks; Homelessness; Education; Family Life; Finding Work; Handling Money; Health and Disability.

National Churches Trust

Concerned with the repair and revitalisation of church buildings for the benefit of all the community. They have a Community Grants programme offering grants of £5,000 and above for projects over £25,000 which introduce facilities, including toilets and kitchen, to enable increased community use of places of worship.

Stir to Action 

For churches considering hosting or starting such a community initiative, Stir to Action provide a useful community toolkit which could be used to support such an initiative. More on this toolkit, and about the organisation as a whole is available in the following link