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Statements of Significance and Need

ChurchCare has received feedback that a simplified form for the compilation of Statements of Significance and Needs for most works would be welcome, this is available by clicking here. Guidance on completing the form is available here. For major complex projects, i.e. the type of project which would normally require the compilation of a Conservation Management Plan (see below), an expanded version of the form should be used. This can be accessed by clicking here. Guidance on completing an expanded form is available here.

The Council would strongly urge that these documents are prepared at an early stage of the faculty process so as to help inform decisions and identify areas of conflict.

Click here to see how the Church Development Plan shows you how these fit into the process. However, you do not need to have a scheme in mind for Statements to be useful, as they will help you understand the potential and constraints of your building and site.

Conservation Management Plans

Some major churches are of such complexity and significance, or the impact of the project so large and/or controversial, that Statements of Significance and Needs may not be sufficient.

Where this is the case, the PCC or other body responsible for a church should consider producing a Conservation Management Plan. Click the link to find out more.