Opening Up Your Building
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Opening Up Your Building

As a valuable part of the national heritage, churches are often a major attraction for visitors. Opening your church building and providing basic facilities is not difficult and can be rewarding for the parish that welcomes people into its church.

Making provision for visitors can also send a signal to the local community that the congregation is active and that the church is an important and valued part of the local neighbourhood.

Click here for advice on welcoming visitors and tourists.

Click here for advice and guidance on how to make your church an open, sustainable building.

Information on WWI commemorations could also be of interest - click here for details.


A church locked to keep thieves and vandals out is also a church closed to its community.

Whilst it might seem hard to believe, more churches are attacked when they are locked than when they are open, possibly as criminals feel they are less likely to be disturbed in a closed church than one where anyone could appear at any time.

Wherever possible churches should be kept open rather than locked. Click here for further advice on keeping your church open


Providing toilet and kitchen facilities can make a huge difference to your welcome and to what events can be held in the church.

If you are considering building changes to install facilities there is advice here. However it may be that simply making low cost changes such as installing tea/coffee making equipment or a waterless toilet will provide the extra facillities you need.  A map of congregations who have installed waterless toilets can be found here.