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A churchyard is much more than a garden around a church. It is a burial ground, but also a place of quiet reflection and recreation, a habitat for rare plant and animal species, and the setting of the church building.

The good management of a churchyard needs to take into account a range of issues, from the burial rights of parishioners to the wildlife management of the churchyard.

Follow the links on the left to access our guidance notes on various aspects of churchyard management.

You may also consider providing a place to park bikes securely outside your church. This could both encourage members of the congregation to cycle to church and encourage tourists to stop and visit the church. We have produced a guidance note Cycle parking in churchyards

An extensive guide to churchyards, called 'Responsible Care for Churchyards', may be purchased here.
An excerpt from the book can be found in this document, hosted by Bedfordshire Council.