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Grants for the conservation of organs and organ cases

Next closing date: 13 May 2019 for a July funding decision

The Council normally considers applications from anglican churches in England for organs over 70 years old. Such instruments will normally be examples of organ building work which retain the character of the original organ and its builder, with a minimum of alteration. Significant instruments of a later date can be considered for grant aid.

Organ cases of historic merit are eligible for consideration.

Grants are awarded for the conservation of an organ in its present state and for schemes where the proposed works restore a clearly established earlier historic state, but not for speculative works. Grants will not be awarded for schemes introducing changes to the original design of the organ or works which take an organ further from its original tonal scheme, mechanism or wind system, or which replace earlier parts with non-traditional materials. For example, conversion of pneumatic action to electropneumatic will not receive grant aid.

The Council encourages parishes to consider engaging a contractor accredited for historic restoration by the Institute of British Organ Building.

When considering grant aid for historic organs, the Council requires that the chosen contractor should adopt historically appropriate methods. For example, contractors are expected to avoid the use of modern synthetic materials and components inappropriate to the organ's original design, to refrain from gratuitous revoicing, alterations to pitch or replacement of pipework, and to respect historic finishes.

Grant awards under this programme are usually up to £8,000. Details of previous awards can be found in our Annual Report.  

Applications are made online and you will be asked to upload the following supporting documentation:

If you have already obtained a conservation report, and you have the supporting documents listed above, you can apply via our online application form. Click the link below to start your application.

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If you would like to discuss the eligibility of your project contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Conservation Grants Administrator (020 7898 1872).

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