Introducing New Art
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Introducing New Art

Art takes many forms; most common in churches are stained glass, painting, sculpture and embroidery.

Art in a church building will become part of the place where we meet to worship and to encounter the divine, as a gathered church and in personal prayer and contemplation.

As such, it needs to be conceived in this context, and should help us to encounter God and reflect on our faith. Traditionally, inspiration for church art has been drawn from the liturgical seasons, saints and key texts used in worship – such as the Sanctus or Te Deum.

Although there are many reasons for considering a new work of art in a church – such as memorial, gift or anniversary – the art should always be specific to its place within a place of worship.

The start of each new artwork should be a carefully considered commissioning process. Our Commissioning New Art For Churches: a guide for parishes and artists will help you get the project right at the outset, and shows how to take your initial ideas through to a successful new artwork.

Commissioning New Art - Large file size (high resolution)

Commissioning New Art - Small file size (low resolution)

For stained glass there is an additional note

Other organisations with an interest in art in churches are Art and Christianity Enquiry and Christian Arts.