Hybrid organs
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Hybrid organs

Organs are available that combine pipe and electronic technology to produce their sound, with some coming from pipes and some through loudspeakers. Although the technology to produce this has been around for many years, its application in churches in England is not common.

The advice given following the links in the guidance for pipe organs and for electronic organs is relevant, and the same considerations need to be made over the use of the instrument, its design to fit the architecture of the building and its appropriateness to the scale of the building.

Any proposal for restoration or replacement of the organ in an Anglican church will require a faculty, and you should seek advice from the Diocesan Advisory Committee, with its Organs Adviser, at an early stage. Follow the link to get the contact details for your local DAC.

It is important to take qualified and independent advice. In addition to the organ adviser to your DAC you can get help from the Association of Independent Organ Advisers. An adviser from the AIOA will be able to assist you with contractual arrangements, managing an organ project and the selection of an organ builder, matters that go beyond the role of the DAC. Follow the link to find out more.

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