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Much church metalwork and ironwork is of historic and artistic interest. For example it may have been made by the local blacksmith or in a regional or national craft workshop. Churches and churchyards may contain many examples of surviving historic ironwork:

  • churchyard railings and gates
  • hinges, locks and other door furniture
  • decorative screens
  • rainwater goods such as gutters and drainpipes
  • window frames
  • brackets and fixings, sometimes concealed within stonework
  • decorative objects such as candle-holders and light fittings

Decorative objects and monuments may include iron alongside other metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper or lead.

This section will help you identify the signs of damage to historic metalwork and understand the causes of damage. You will also find practical maintenance tips and guidance on how to address the conservation needs of historic objects.

More information on historic ironwork can be found from the National Heritage Ironwork Group.