The Cathedrals
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The Cathedrals

The Church's cathedrals in England make an immense contribution to the country's historic environment. They are physical and social landmarks. They are often the largest and most architecturally complex buildings in their area, and they may also be the oldest.

Most importantly, cathedrals remain in use for their original purpose. Through their presence, worship and varied work, they reach out to their local and wider communities in many ways.

As the seat of the bishop and the mother church, a cathedral is also a focal point in its diocese. Cathedrals also attract pilgrims and visitors; offering education and hospitality, and excellence in music, art and liturgy. The cathedral building and its precinct can be the largest public spaces in a locality, offering a variety of events, a setting for civic occasions and, often, an oasis of calm in a busy city centre.

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The Association of English Cathedrals (AEC) is a charity which represents the interests of English Anglican cathedrals and encourages cooperation between cathedrals, including on matters such as fabric and building conservation.

On the AEC website you will find links to the websites of cathedrals around the country.