Making an Application
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Making an Application

The cathedral chapter should apply to the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England (CFCE) or their cathedral's local Fabric Advisory Committee (FAC), as the case may be, for approval of works covered by the Care of Cathedrals Measure. Click the links to find out more.

Applications are made using standard forms. These, and instructions for completing them, are contained in the Care of Cathedrals Rules 2006. Click here to download the Rules. Frequently used forms can be downloaded from the links below Note: you may have to save the document to make it display properly once you start entering details.

Application to the FAC

Form 3 - application form

Form 4 – public notice of an application made to the FAC

Form 5 – FAC's decision notice

Application to the CFCE

Form 8 – application form

Form 9 – public notice of an application made to the CFCE

Other applications

In some cases, works carried out within a cathedral's precinct will require a secular consent instead of, or in addition to, approval from the Commission or FAC.

Listed Building Consent from the local planning authority might be needed for alterations to a listed building in the precinct, other than the cathedral itself.

Scheduled Monument Consent from Historic England (formerly English Heritage) might be needed for work affecting a scheduled monument in the precinct.

When any such application is made, the chapter should inform the CFCE using Form 15.


Click here for frequently used forms

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Click here for a guidance note on supporting information.

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