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  • As part of the general inspection of the church, look out for leaks and water staining around the windows inside and out, and resolve the causes.
  • Use only a very soft bristle brush to dust the inside surfaces of stained glass windows. Do not wet-clean.
  • Regularly inspect the stained glass windows for signs of paint loss. If you see signs of paint loss, avoid dusting or wet-cleaning the window surfaces.
  • Consult an accredited historic and stained glass conservator to assess any damage and advise on what measures should be taken.
  • Maintain a photographic record (you can download our guide for recording stained glass here) of your church windows to assist with future conservation.
  • If there is a breakage, collect and save every fragment of broken glass and lead, both inside and outside, and consult an accredited conservator.
  • Consider installing protective window guards (you can download our guide on window guards here) if there is a high risk of physical damage to your windows.