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An organ is one of the major furnishings in a cathedral and requires regular maintenance and occasionally will need extensive work.

The Routine care and maintenance of an organ is a matter for a professional organ builder. Details of accredited professional organ builders can be found from the Institute of British Organ Building, which you can see by clicking the link.

If it appears that major work may be needed to your cathedral organ work with an accredited independent adviser from the Association of Independent Organ Advisers to develop a proposal to take to your FAC. Click the link to find out more.

Guidelines for organ builders' reports

You may need to ask your organ builder to prepare a report on your organ. These guidelines are intended show you and your organ builder the level of information that it is reasonable to expect in a report. The guidelines for organ builders reports have been agreed by the Church Buildings Council and the Institute of British Organ Building.

Click the link below for our guidelines.

Guidelines for organ builders reports

Organ case guidance

The organ case is seen all the time, the organ heard only some of the time. If you have an organ with a decorated or architectural case it may occasionally need care or conservation. These guidelines will assist with this:

Organ case conservation

For guidance on the considerations for choosing a pipe, electronic or hybrid (pipe-electronic) organ please use the links below:  Pipe organs, Electronic organs, Hybrid organs

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