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The Statutory Advisory Committee (SAC) on Closed and Closing Churches was established under the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007 and came into operation in June 2008. The SAC provides independent advice on heritage matters relating to closed and closing churches.

The SAC is a committee of the Church Buildings Council and is a statutory body in its own right. It assumed the functions and duties of the former Advisory Board for Redundant Churches, established in 1969 under the Pastoral Measure 1968.


The principal functions of the Committee are to provide the Church Commissioners and the Churches Conservation Trust with information and advice on heritage matters relating to closing or closed churches. The advice considers the future of a church, including alternative use, preservation or demolition.


The SAC has eight members, all of whom are members of the Church Buildings Council (CBC). The SAC's Chair is also Chair of the CBC. Four members are nominated by the Secretary of State of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The remaining three members are appointed by the CBC.

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