Cathedrals Fabric Commission
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Supporting over 16,000 cathedral and church buildings of The Church of England

Cathedrals Fabric Commission

The Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England (CFCE) is the national body overseeing the Church’s controls over certain types of work to its cathedrals in England. Each cathedral also has a local Fabric Advisory Committee (FAC). Click here to find out more about FACs.

The Commission is supported by a group of expert officers within the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division. Its work involves:

  • Determining applications made to it by cathedral chapters for approval of works.
  • Giving advice to cathedral chapters and others on the care, conservation, repair or development of cathedrals, or on specific projects.
  • Organising conferences, seminars and training events, and producing guidance on subjects relating to cathedrals and the operation of the Care of the Cathedrals Measure. Click here to find out about guidance, or here to find out about the Care of Cathedrals Measure

The Commission has 24 members appointed after consultation with a number of professional and Church bodies. They are experts in liturgy, architecture, archaeology, conservation, engineering, music and art.

Current membership (2016-2021) is as in the table below:

Member name

Appointed in consultation with, on nomination of, or elected by

Dame Fiona Reynolds (Chair)

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, with the Secretary of State

Sir Paul Britton (Vice Chair)

Archbishops Council + Deans Conference

Right Revd Jonathan Meyrick

House of Bishops

Very Revd Peter Atkinson

Deans Conference

Very Revd Stephen Waine

Deans Conference

Dr Robyn Pender

Church Buildings Council

Ms Novelette-Aldoni Stewart

Church Buildings Council

Dr Nicola Coldstream

Church Buildings Council

Ms Ulrike Knox


Ms Camilla Finlay


Mr Andrew Arrol


Mr Robert Bowles


Ms Alison Wilding RA

Royal Academy

Mr Dickon Robinson

Secretary of State / DCMS

Ms Carol Pyrah

English Heritage

Mr David Baker OBE

CBA and Society of Antiquaries

The Revd Canon Christopher Irvine

Liturgical Commission

The Revd Canon Andrew Piper

Liturgical Commission

Dr William McVicker

Royal School of Church Music

The Revd Canon Pat Hawkins

General Synod

Prof Joyce Hill

General Synod

Mrs Mary Durlacher

General Synod

The Venerable Gavin Kirk

General Synod

The Very Revd Rogers Govender

General Synod


Read about how to make an application here

See calendar and deadlines for 2019 CFCE meetings here

View new CFCE applications and determinations here

To contact the CFCE Secretariat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or T: 020 7898 1888 or 1862