War memorials and visitors
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War memorials and visitors

Welcoming visitors to churches to view war memorials

Over the period of the First World War Commemorations there is likely to be an increase in visitors to churches to view memorials. Opportunities to visit memorials will be looked on with greater interest during this period and it would be a good time to extend an invitation to the church to view the memorial to nearby schools, colleges and other community groups.

To help you engage visitors - of all ages - there is support available from War Memorials Trust's learning programme. Click here for the Trust's learning website, which has lesson plans for school groups and suggestions for youth groups, Guides and Scout troops. One example of a community project around a war memorial is the one by St Mary, Summerstown. This project has researched the lives of all the people names on the war memorial. The result is online here.

During the period 2014 to 2018 you may want to hold a specific open church event related to the memorial, perhaps with displays of photos and other objects related to the people commemorated on the memorial. Some of the news and photo resources from the Imperial War Museum may help you with this. Click here to go to their memorial website. A special commemoration service could be an appropriate way to end an event related to the memorial and litugical resoucres for this are available here