100 Church Treasures
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Supporting over 16,000 cathedral and church buildings of The Church of England

100 Church Treasures

Our 16,000 parish churches are among Europe's finest historic buildings and display an unparalleled array of treasures, rivalling the collections of the world's great museums and attracting millions of visitors.

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The challenges
Caring for 12,500 listed churches and their treasures pose many challenges. The size of collections in historic churches is vast, including monuments, wall paintings, stained glass, textiles, medieval timberwork, and many other types of objects.

Part of the challenge is that these treasures are the responsibility - financial and otherwise - of parochial church councils who are volunteers and have other pressing needs to deal with, all of which rely on fundraising. £115 million is spent on fabric repairs of church buildings every year, to keep them watertight and fit for the 21st century (click here to download the 100 church treasures brochure).

The campaign
We have identified the 100 artworks currently most in need of conservation. These treasures are at risk of permanent damage and loss and we estimate a total cost of repair at £3 million. This appeal will secure an important part of the nation's heritage and make it available to be enjoyed by visitors and the communities across the country. Our aim is that through the conservation of these heritage objects, parishes will be emboldened to further engage with the local and wider communities both as a Christian space and a nexus of local cultural identity.

How to help
You can sponsor the conservation of a treasure (click here to download the list of 100 Church Treasures) or contribute towards the conservation of a treasure of your choice.

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All donations to the ChurchCare Fund (legally established as the Anglican Parish Churches Fund with charity number 1148066) go to local parishes, where the need is the greatest, and the conservation profession. There are no administrative charges.

Charity Number 1148066

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