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Piloting an innovative and sustainable model for underused churches. This is an exciting time in the Virtuous Circles project. Having secured a Heritage Lottery Fund grant at the end of last year the project team have been hard at work at developing this innovative concept. Using St Michael's church in Dulas, Herefordshire as the pilot the aim of the project is to create a sustainable use model for churches across the country. 

A carefully designed, environmentally friendly and reversible structure is placed in the church allowing the provision of short stay tourist accommodation. The rental income from this is then fed back into the conservation of the building creating a virtuous circle of reuse and repair. The project provides a sustainable future for the church while ensuring that it remains open to the public for a proportion of the year.  The concept can be used in any church, to support new uses for communities and worship.

To find out more take a look at this leaflet.