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Wins Best Campaign in the Public Interest

The Chartered Insurance Institute has recognised Ecclesiastical’s “Hands off our Church Roofs” campaign as the winner of the Best Campaign in the Public Interest: Marketing or Advertising, in the inaugural CII Public Interest Awards 2014  The award recognises individuals, teams and organisations that have gone above and beyond to educate, inform and ultimately benefit buyers of personal and commercial insurance in the UK.

 This campaign to protect the nation's church heritage from the scourge of metal theft has been a huge success with claims now down by over 60% and over 500 roof alarms being installed on churches across the country.   

As well as a national PR and marketing campaign, Ecclesiastical worked closely with the Church of England during the campaign and joined the All Party Parliamentary Group Combatting Metal Theft as the only insurer to lobby for amendments to the 1964 Scrap Metal Dealer's Act. In addition, they gave customers as much risk management advice on metal theft as possible.  Their lobbying as part of the All Party Parliamentary Group helped achieve a change in legislation with the passing of the 2013 Scrap Metal Dealers Act which entered into force in October 2013. The Act will make it more difficult to sell on stolen metal in England and Wales.

For further information on the new scrap metal laws please click here

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