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New strategy from April onwards

From April 2013 the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) takes over the management of the Repair Grants for places of worship fund it has ran in partnership for the last ten years with English Heritage.

The new programme will be open for applications in February 2013. The Scheme will be worth a minimum of £25m each year. There will be some changes in the focus and administration of the new scheme:

• Urgent and high-level fabric repairs remain the priority. However, up to 15% of the overall project costs will be eligible to support works that encourage the sustained use of the building, like kitchens, toilets, heating and lighting systems and maintenance ladders.

• The maximum grant will remain at £250,000 but HLF encourages those seeking larger grants to apply to its Heritage Grants programme.

• It will be open to all listed places of worship and is not dependent on separate allocations according to listing. It will be managed by HLF using English Heritage only for specialist (eg - architectural) advice.

• There will be a greater focus on providing opportunities for those within and beyond the congregation to participate and learn about the building - applicants will be able to request specific help in this area.

• There are plans for four application rounds per year, with decisions taken at each of the quarterly HLF Committee meetings. The scheme will be open to all grades at each batch

For more information please click here to access the HLF's official information sheet.