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Supporting over 16,000 cathedral and church buildings of The Church of England
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  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.
  • 16,000 buildings. One resource.

About ChurchCare

The once common hedgehog is now under threat from development and habitat loss caused by the reduction of hedgerows and increase in intensification of our agricultural landscapes.

In just the last 10 years, hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30%, and there are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK.  They are disappearing from our countryside as fast as tigers are worldwide.

Churchyards which are managed in a wildlife friendly way can provide the perfect home and there are various things you can do to make your green space more attractive to these endangered mammals.

There are also plenty of things you can do in your own garden to help hedgehogs thrive - take a look at this guide for inspiration.

Further information is available from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society who also have a hotline in case you find a hedgehog in trouble.


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Why as christians we should act on climate change

Below are some statements, press coverage, sermons and other contributions from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the lead bishop on the environment Nicholas Holtam Bishop of Salisbury.

'Responding to climate change is an essential part of our responsibility to safeguard God’s creation. Meanwhile, to love our neighbour — particularly, in this case, our neighbour whom we may never meet but who lives daily with the profound threat posed by this moral crisis — is at the core of what it is to follow Jesus Christ.' Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin's comment piece in the New York Times on 'our moral opportunity'

Archbishop's remarks on Climate Change at General Synod 
National Investing Bodies Climate Change Policy

Anglican Communion discuss the need for climate action

Bishop of Salisbury's sermon at Lambeth Declaration launch

Archbishop and Ecumenical Patriarch joint call for action on climate change

Bishop of Oxford on why faith communities are well placed to take action

Bishop of Doncaster on the environment

Short film from the Climate Reality Project on what the Church of England is doing.

Faith in a Changing Climate from USPG



STP News

Shrinking the Footprint is a cross divisional campaign involving the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division and Mission and Public Affairs.

For more information and the latest news from Shrinking the Footprint, click on the links to your left.

Click here for more information on foreign policy.

Click here to access information about rural engagement.

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Job Alert! We are currently recruiting for an Open and Sustainable Churches officer. The role includes working on…

RT @godsacre: February brings with it a new 'feature of the month' For this month we have chosen to highlight preaching crosses... Here is…

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Upcoming Events

Festival Churches: Mission and Community

The Diocese of Sheffield and the Association of Festival Churches invite all those concerned with the care and imaginative use of churches to a day conference. This will be especially relevant to Diocesan Officers and senior clergy as well as incumbents, churchwardens and PCC members who are considering alternative patterns of worship, and how their church might widen its appeal to the local community.

March 25th, Sheffield Cathedral

Book on Eventbrite.

The programme can be accessed here.

The Phoenix Renewed: Sustainability of Post-War Churches and Cathedrals.

Mon 18 – Tues 19 March 2019, Coventry Cathedral.